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General Hospital: Kate Mansi Cannot Stop Praising [ THIS] Costar

General Hospital

General Hospital cast has seen a major casting shakeup this year! The long time portrayers of two key characters, Kristina and Molly, were replaced in quick succession on the ABC soap. TV Season & Spoilers has discussed the recasts at length in previous articles. However, at least one of the new joinees, Kate Mansi, has managed to relatively find her footing on the soap. The loyal GH fanbase also seems to have warmed up to the talented actress.

Recently, the General Hospital fresher conducted a Q&A session on her official Instagram account. In an attempt to bond with her fans and followers. Amongst many other questions, a fan asked Kate if she has had the opportunity to meet the GH icon, Finola Hughes (Anna) yet. Kate responded to the fan with not just an affirmative but a huge paragraph about how much she is in awe of her General Hospital costar! Kate gushed that she first watched Finola’s scenes years ago, during the Emmy voting season. She “vividly” recalled thinking that Finola was perhaps the most beautiful woman ever.

General Hospital
GH/ Kate Mansi raves about Finola Hughes

Furthermore, Kate opened up that upon seeing Finola’s work she felt that the General Hospital star was an incredibly fierce actor she had ever seen on screen. Additionally, she spilt that after working with Finola she can report that she is “that in spades”. In fact, Kate feels that she is so much more. It’s amazing to see that Kate has warmed up nicely to her costars. This rapport might just end up making her scenes all the more real.

Also, this reply also goes on to drop hints about some major scenes coming up between Anna and Kristina on General Hospital. We wonder what those could be about? Something related to Kristina’s offer to Molly and TJ? Or something related to Anna’s current predicament? Well, we guess we wil have to wait and find out! Until then, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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