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General Hospital: Mason Tries To Kill Ava, Who Will Be Her Savior?

Ava has really landed in a tight spot on General Hospital. Recently, Mason abducted her on Cyrus’ command and has been holding her captive ever since. Her fate has been hanging in the balance based on the instructions Mason receives from the top man. Now, it seems that he has gotten the command on what needs to be done with Nik’s former wife. And she is not going to like it one bit! But can she avert what’s coming her way? Or will someone swoop in to save her from Mason’s clutches? Let’s find out!

Mason Drags Ava Towards Her Ultimate Fate

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that Mason will drag Ava out and into a car. Insisting that they are going for little drive. As much as Ava was wanting out of the basement, this little trip with Mason might feel worse than being trapped. Unfortunately for her, things will take an even scarier turn when he drives her to the edge of a cliff in Pautuck. Once at the location, Mason will reach out to Cyrus to get further instructions on what his prisoner’s fate should be.

General Hospital
GH/ Will Mason really kill Ava?

Ava will try to take advantage of the waiting time and plead for her life on General Hospital. However, Mason will refuse to lend her a listening ear. The spoilers say that Cyrus will ultimately decide to spare Ava’s life and tell Mason to keep her alive. However, Baldimort will not see the sense of it. Moreover, he will battle fears that if he lets Ava go, she will rat him to the police. Or even worse, to Sonny Corinthos. So Ava won’t be getting the benefits of Cyrus’ call after all. Does that mean Mason really will kill her?

Can Someone Save Ava In Time On General Hospital?

While we can’t be entirely sure, but we do feel rather confident that this can’t be the end on the iconic Ava Jerome on General Hospital. Don’t get us wrong, we are not doubting the soap’s ability to write off major characters. But getting switched off by the likes of lollipop sucking side-kicks will sort of be anti-climatic. If she really has to meet her maker, then at least let it be Nik’s doing, or Cyrus’. But since Mason is so hell bent on claiming her life, someone has to come to her rescue! Could it be Joss and Dex? Or Nik in a shocking twist!

GH/ Will Nik save Ava?

Joss is already over her head trying to trace Ava. She has enlisted Dex and Spinelli’s help in finding her. So there is a possibility that the trip might end up finding them at the cliff. Right in time for them to save Ava from becoming casualty at Mason’s hand. But wouldn’t it be such an enthralling plot twist if Nik swoops in to save the day? Imagine the look on Ava’s face! The man she thought she killed is not just alive, but also saving her life! What’s more soapy than that? What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Ava’s fate.

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