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General Hospital: Nik’s Real Saviour REVEALED

General Hospital loves keeping a bunch of characters on the ice, ready to be thawed back to life, as and when the storyline requires. Nikolas Cassadine joined the list when Ava smashed him over his head with a statue and left him for the dead. However, lucky for him, Mason found him in time and hauled him off to a long-care facility. Currently, Nik is holding on to dear life in a coma on life-support. But something tells us that it might be time for the Dark Prince to finally wake up! But who will be the one to bring him back to Port Charles? We have the answer! Dig right in to find out!

Adam Huss Returning As Nik?

Okay, first things first! The last time we say Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital, actor Adam Huss took over the role, after Marcus Coloma walked out. At the time, it seemed like the makers were ready to kill Nik off, bang in the middle of a massive storyline. However, that didn’t happen. Nik survived Ava’s attack. But he has been off-screen ever since. Thus, the big question still lingers, who will portray the character when it’s finally tied to bring it back?

GH/ Nik and Ava have a confrontation

Recently, actor Adam Huss took to his official Twitter account to post a picture of himself with a billboard of General Hospital. Furthermore, he called it the best show ever in the caption of his post. Hence, dropping a hint that he might, after all reprise the role of Nik on the ABC soap. Moreover, we have to admit that if there was a perfect time for Nik to return, it would be now! There is just so much scope for him right now! Ava is stuck neck-deep in mob troubles, all because she believes she killed Nik. Then, there is Liz, Nik’s one that got away! She has just started a new romance with Finn. And of course, Esme, Ace and Spencer’s ongoing storyline! So if e returns now, he will have a stake in each of those stories!

Will Sonny Be The One To Save Nik On General Hospital?

Now, if Nikolas really does return to General Hospital. The next hot question would be, how? After all, the man is in a coma! And the one person who knows his whereabouts is about to get into Sonny’s lie of firing! So we can’t help but wonder if Nik and Sonny’s paths are about to cross! The dimpled don just took the reigns from Ava’s hands and assured her that he would take care of everything. Including what Ava “thinks” she did to Nik!

General Hospital
GH/ Will Sonny bring Nik home?

Thus, Sonny might embark on a quest to try and find Nik’s body on General Hospital. That could be the first step in getting Ava out from under Mason and his boss’ thumb. Perhaps that’s how he will stumble upon the startling truth that Nik is actually alive! Not only will this absolve Ava from the crime, but also gives Sonny some leverage while dealing with the mystery boss. Meanwhile, Laura will also get some much-needed good news! What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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