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General Hospital: Sonny’s Family Is EXPANDING On Port Charles

General Hospital: The very fact that Mason was the one who inserted Betty as Avery’s nanny was enough to know that the woman would do nothing but spell trouble. Her one point agenda was to infiltrate Sonny’s life through Ava and Avery and take back intel to Mason. During her very first interaction with Ava, she made her stance very clear. Betty would take no shade from anyone. Least of all Ava. Oh! the way she snapped at Ava gave us the chills!

Betty Infiltrates Sonny’s Life

Her argument with Ava was enough to get her on Sonny’s radar, and possibly in his bad books in General Hospital. And we all know what happens to people who land in the wrong side with Sonny. So it was pretty obvious that she would be immediately fired. But that didn’t happen! The nefarious nanny is still around, and pretty much putting her nose in places it doesn’t belong. That has us thinking! What if there is more to betty than just being Mason’s minion!

General Hospital
GH/ Betty faces off with Ava

What if Betty is somehow related to Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital? Why else would there be so much focus and attention to detail on her? Moreover, why would she be put in the orbits of other key members of Sonny’s extended family! Betty recently had a bitter face-off with Joss at the Metro Court pool. When Joss put forth her identity as Avery’s big sis and sarcastically offered to draw a family tree for Betty’s better understanding. The nanny had a rather intriguing look on her face, that made it appear as f she was reading more into the situation than necessary.

Is There A Ric Connection Between Betty and Sonny On General Hospital?

We wonder what mental dots Betty was connecting with the intel Joss just gave her on General Hospital. But the dots that we’d like to connect here are the ones that reveal her relation to Sonny! Could she have something to do with Sonny’s brother, Ric? We know there was a time when there were news making rounds that Cameron Mathison might play the character. Although that didn’t happen, but that dosen’t mean someone else won’t play him. Or perhaps his daughter?

GH/ Ric and Sonny

There has been so much bad blood between the brother, what if niece Betty has arrived to seek revenge from her uncle Sonny on General Hospital? That really would add an interesting layer to her character and the storyline! What do you say? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on who Betty really is!

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