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General Hospital Spoilers: Lily Anne Harrison Joins GH as Andrea Gates – Molly & TJ’s New Surrogate

General Hospital Spoilers: Lily Anne Harrison Joins GH as Andrea Gates – Molly & TJ's New Surrogate

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that there’ll be a new face on the ABC soap during the week of August 14-18. Lily Anne Harrison will debut in the role of Andrea Gates, who’ll meet with Molly Lansing-Davis (Brooke Anne Smith) and TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) about the possibility of becoming their surrogate.

It turns out Harrison has a connection to the show since Gregory Harrison (Gregory Chase) is her real-life father, but she’s been auditioning for various roles for quite some time – even before her dad was cast as Gregory back in 2020.

In the new issue of SOD, Lily Anne Harrison opened up about how she scored the role of Andrea Gates, which actually wasn’t the part she went after.

There was a more sinister role that Harrison initially read for, so it sounds like she most likely auditioned to play Betty Rutherford (Ella Lentini) the nefarious nanny.

However, Harrison didn’t get that gig since GH’s casting department wanted her for a warmer role instead.

That’s why they called Lily Anne Harrison up and asked if she was interested in playing lovely and wonderful Andrea instead.

Andrea Gates is indeed a far more wholesome character – one who’ll thoroughly impress TJ and Molly during their first meeting.

It turns out Andrea will reveal some heartfelt family-related reasons for becoming a surrogate.

Andrea may explain how much she wants to help Molly and TJ have a baby as they all come together in a moment of connection.

After TJ and Molly meet Andrea, they’ll have a chance to talk about whether they’re on board with her as a potential surrogate.

Since the meeting will go so well, it seems Molly and TJ will be on the same page about using Andrea to start their family.

Of course, there could still be some snags as the process moves forward, but TJ and Molly will deliver some positive updates on some huge news soon. Molly and TJ will be more excited than ever to have their first child.

General Hospital spoilers say some major developments are still to come in Port Charles, so stay tuned.

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