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‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness At Make-Or-Break Moment, Will He Survive?

Gold Rush - YouTube

Gold Rush star Rick Ness is facing his biggest challenge in this Season 14 return. While most fans are more interested in his year away, and who Rick Ness is dating, his main concern now is getting to the gold. That is because if he does not succeed there will be consequences.

This new episode of the gold mining series is entitled “50 Ounce Ultimatum.” What is Episode 7 about?

Gold Rush - YouTube
Gold Rush – YouTube

What Is Gold Rush ’50 Ounce Ultimatum About?

What is happening in Gold Rush Season 14, Episode 7 “50 Ounce Ultimatum.” According to IMDb synopsis, the miners continue their quest for gold. Tony Beets is having an epic horrible season. This started when his son Kevin Beets decided to stay home and garden instead of mining gold in the Yukon.

Originally, Tony was so happy to mine on the Indian River claim, but now there are unforeseen problems that could shut him down. Could this setback shut down the entire Beets operation? Or, will the crafty miner pull something else out of his hat?

Parker Schnabel continues to throw money at one problem after another. His equipment issues are keeping them from mining consistently. Now, he is down an excavator. The Unforgiven cut has a cornucopia of challenges that have been hard on his top-notch equipment. He may have a great crew and mechanics, but these repairs are a step above a simple bush fix.

Gold Rush - used with Discovery's permission
Gold Rush – used with Discovery’s permission

‘Rent Is Due In Rally Valley’

What about Rick Ness? The Gold Rush Season 14, Episode 7 preview that Discovery shared on Twitter gives Discovery fans more insight into how serious things are for the fan-favorite. In a post entitled”Rent is due in Rally Valley,” Rick has to face a set of cascading problems that will try his ability to stay afloat.

First, he has 36 ounces of gold but needs 50 to pay his landlord. The team is determined to make it happen, but Ness also has to battle some equipment issues. Can he pay the rent?

Gold Rush Fan Favorite Chris Doumitt Reveals Who Is Best Miner In Yukon

Gold Rush star Chris Doumitt has starred in all 14 seasons of the Discovery series. On Thursday, the network shared on Twitter a clip of the Oregon native talking about his gold mining journey.

He revealed that he started as a greenhorn on a team of greenhorns. This was, of course, when Chris and Todd Hoffman’s team went on their memorable search for gold.

However, starting Season 4, Chris began working with Parker Schnabel. Now, the two have developed quite a special relationship in the past decade. Moreover, Doumitt considers Parker one of the very best miners in the Yukon.

Don’t miss the premiere of Gold Rush Season 14, Episode 7 “50 Ounce Ultimatum” On Friday, November 10, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery.


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