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‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Returns To The Jungle

Parker Schanbel on Gold Rush - episode screencap

Gold Rush on Discovery currently airs Season 14, and Parker Schnabel risks everything in the Yukon. However, his adventures take him all over the world. In real life, he shared that he’s back in the jungle. You might recall that Parker’s Trail on Discovery took him to some amazing places.

Gold Rush Season 14 Is Playing Out Parker Schnabel’s Yukon Scenes

There’s a lot on Parker’s mind in Season 14 of the Discovery show. Apart from possibly losing all his cash, he worries about his crew. If it goes wrong, he could see them all looking for work. Actually, Rick Ness ended up abandoning his Team Rally crew in the past, and he looks for redemption in the current season. While the show plays out, Parker’s not in the Yukon. Instead, he’s back in South America.

Gold Rush Star Parker Schnabel Returns To The Jungle - Discovery YouTube
Gold Rush – Parker Schnabel in South America – Discovery YouTube

Fans enjoyed watching Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. At one stage, they saw that Parker Schnabel went to  Australia. Remember, he discovered some rather large chunks of gold. That came in Season 4, but he felt so frustrated with all the administrative work. At the time, he claimed that Australia was one of the most regulated countries in the world.


Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Filmed In South America

Season 6 revealed that things were not so well-regulated in South America. Parker was amazed to see ancient ways of trapping gold in the rivers in the Amazon. Additionally, he explored a massive cave deep underground. That seemed a bit scary, but he enjoyed chewing on cacao leaves. They also went to Bolivia, but Parker had a medical emergency. Now he’s back there, he looks relaxed far away from the biting cold of Alaska.

Gold Rush - Parker Schnabel back in the jungle - Instagram
Gold Rush – Parker Schnabel back in the jungle – Instagram

Gold Rush fans saw that the Discovery star used his photos rather than his caption to tell his story on Instagram this weekend. He simply wrote, “Back in the jungle.” Naturally, fans assumed that he went back to the Amazon River. In one photo, he posed next to a proud young man. And in the other, he showed a relaxing scene on a boat.

Back In The Amazon Jungle?

@goldrushtv wrote in the comments, “Living your best life 🙌.” Meanwhile, a fan of the Discovery show told Parker Schnabel, “It’s Friday night, gold rush.😍😍.”

Others agree that he definitely visits the Amazon jungle at the moment. Do you sometimes wish that you could also be like Parker and have exciting adventures all over the world?

Do you like that Parker is back in the jungle? Do you hope to see more of his Parker’s Trail adventures on the screen?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss Gold Rush Season 14, on Fridays, on Discovery, and come back here for more spoilers about the show.

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