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Is Willow Leaving General Hospital?

We can’t remember any other character than Willow, who has been surrounded by so much uncertainty on General Hospital in recent times. For months now the young mother has been bouncing from one devastating situation to another. She fought a long and tough battle with cancer whilst also being pregnant. During the phase, she had many close calls with life and death situations. Thus, perpetually putting us in the loop of wondering if she would survive it or not. Which also in retrospect posed a pressing question. Is Katelyn MacMullen leaving General Hospital?

The Beginning of The Tale

Katelyn MacMullen entered General Hospital as Willow Tait back in October 2018 as Aiden’s school teacher. Thus, her very first interactions were with Liz and Franco, as they discussed the little boy’s struggle with schoolwork. In subsequent episodes, Willow crossed paths with Harrison Chase and then with Michael Corinthos at a bereavement group meeting. Later on, it was revealed that Willow believed herself to be Wiley’s bio-mom. However, the truth was that Wiley is actually Nelle’s son. Willow had lost her baby at birth, and Brad had swapped the baby with Nelle’s.

Willow was also involved with Shiloh, the notorious leader of a cult on General Hospital. Her adoptive mother, Harmony, too was part of it and tried to urge Willow to return to the group. However, she wanted nothing to do with the cult life or Shiloh, once she had broken free of it. Instead, she had started a new relationship with PCPD cop, Harrison Chase. Eventually, Shiloh found out that he was supposedly Wiley’s father and tried to steal the baby. Thankfully, Chase rose up to her defense, and Shiloh’s track culminated with his death.

General Hospital
GH/ Willow and Chase

Later on, Willow and Chase’ relationship couldn’t stand the test of time and they parted ways. Chase then found love with Brook Lynn, while Willow found forever with Michael on General Hospital. After some twists and turns Willow and Michael tied the knot on the soap, while, Willow was standing at Death’s door on the soap. All because of her cancer diagnosis and the fact that she couldn’t find a donor until finally finding one at the eleventh hour.

Eventually, Willow did survive the cancer and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Thus, also keeping Katelyn’s place in the soap secure. However, off-late, Willow’s screen time has really reduced to a bare minimum. Moreover, it seems as though her storyline has reached a dead lock. So we can’t help but wonder, if this could actually be the end of her on the soap. Like for real this time! After all, all Willow has been doing is resting and occasionally bonding with Nina.

General Hospital
GH/ Willow in the hospital

General Hospital: Could Nina Cause Willow To Bolt From The Only Good Life She Has Known?

What if this reconciliation between Willow and Nina is actually what will open the door for Willow’s exit? Hear us out! It was after months of mulling that Willow finally agreed to give Nina a chance in her life. That too, at such a crucial juncture when a huge explosive secret is hanging over Nina’s head. She knows it far too well that if Willow learns that Nina leaked the intel to SEC, Willow would never forgive her. Carly still means so much more to Willow, than Nina does. There is no way Willow will be okay with Nina destroying Carly’s life!

Thus, there is a very plausible possibility that when Willow learns the truth after weeks of bonding with Nina, she will be devastated. Knowing that she opened her heart to the one she once despised so much, only to be betrayed will definitely pinch. Moreover, after fighting such a hard battle, Willow may feel like she has no strength in her to face any more difficulties. Thus, she might decide to just move away from Port Charles for the sake of mental peace.

GH/ Willow and Nina

Speaking of her previous battle on General Hospital. Cancer is a terrifying condition. And one that may reoccur. Moreover, Willow delayed treatment so much, that there is a chance that some free radicals remained and might make her sick again. Alternatively, after the transplant, she still has a long route to recovery and many more complications. Thus, there is also a chance that Willow could develop another health crisis. Her immunity is on an all time low. Hence, even a small infection could turn into a life threatening crisis. However, this is just a speculative assumption and not set in stone. So there is very much a chance that down the road, the makers have some other bigger storyline in store. For the longest time, Michael and Willow’s romantic life hasn’t been on the screen. So that it something that could be explored further!

Willow’s Future On General Hospital

The latest General Hospital spoilers tease that in the upcoming episodes, Willow will be spending time with her biological mother, Nina Reeves. The two have a lot of water under the bridge, but Willow is willing to bury the hatchet. Of course, on the condition that Nina will no longer rip into Carly, and maintain peace. As of now, Nina has agreed to all of Willow’s conditions. Moreover, she has even proven that she is very much capable of following through. In the recent episodes, Nina and Carly did cross paths, but at Willow’s behest, her mother stayed very very civil with her nemesis.

GH/ Will Willow stay?

So, while we agree that there is a very limited scope in this particular storyline. We have to agree that things can change at any point. That’s the beauty of the soap! Unpredictability! Anyone’s orbit can collide with anyone at any point! Thus, if the makers want Willow on the screen, they will find a way! Besides, there has been no news of Katelyn stepping away from her General Hospital role. So we guess, we will have to wait a little longer to find out. Hence, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on the matter.

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