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My Two DAYS Baby Daddies: Does Nicole Walker Love EJ?

Or will her DAYS heart always belong to Eric Brady?

ej dimera and nicole walker on days of our lives.What are Nicole Walker’s true feelings for EJ?

Sloan faked Nicole’s paternity test on Days of Our Lives to make it look like EJ was her baby’s father. Once she got the news, Nicole swallowed her disappointment, bit the bullet, and resigned herself to life with a rich, charming, tall man who adores her versus a guy who tends to judge and dump her with quite a bit of regularity.

Days of our Lives Polling

Even though she loves Eric, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is with EJ (Dan Feuerriegel). But does she love EJ, too? Soap Hub asked, and here’s how fans see the situation.

Nicole Walker: Good as it Gets

What’s not to love about EJ, 13% of you wonder? Did we mention he’s rich, charming, tall, and adores her? We did? Well, we’ll mention it again. Along with the fact that EJ accepts Nicole for who she is, rather than constantly pushing her to be who he wants her to be. EJ forgave Nicole for sleeping with Eric (Greg Vaughan) and for lying about it. Which is a lot more than Eric did when he found out Nicole slept with Xander (Paul Telfer).

Forever and DAYS

A slightly larger 14%, however, know that Nicole only loves Eric and always will. He’s a lifelong passion. Some might say he’s her lifelong addiction. She needs to prove to him that she can be the wife he needs her to be. Even if it means changing everything about herself. That’s what love is, right? Or so the movie Grease would lead us to believe?

Nicole Walker: Measure Twice, Cut Once

A majority, 73% is willing to concede that EJ has his good points and that Nicole does have warm, fuzzy feelings for him. It’s just that her feelings for Eric are warmer, fuzzier, sexier, and more obsessive. She can’t stop thinking about him, and she can’t stop wanting him. And she can’t quit wishing he’d fathered her baby. Bummer for EJ.

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