‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby Shocks Fans With Daring New Look

Danielle Busby - Instagram

Danielle Busby of TLC’s OutDaughtered shocked Instagram with a daring new look yesterday. The mother-of-six took to her Instagram dedicated to her clothing boutique Graeson Bee to show off her shockingly revealing fit. What was Danielle wearing that was so surprising? Keep reading for the details.

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby Shocks Fans With Daring New Look

Taking a mirror selfie, the TLC mother showed off a new piece from Graeson Bee’s Autumn line. Danielle exclaimed in the title that their new Autumn line was finally online for their customers who preferred to shop via their website.

The top was a unique shade of a medium-toned gray-ish brown. What really shocked fans was the plunging v-neckline. The neckline dipped below Danielle’s bustline allowing her to show off her full cleavage as she bent forward slightly leaning toward the mirror when she snapped the photo.

The top featured stitching along the bust line at meet at the deep plunging neckline in a way that almost looked like an upside-down top of a heart. The combination of this stitching and the deep neckline really highlighted Danielle’s busty bosom.



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Bài viết do Graeson Bee Boutique (@graesonbee) chia sẻ

The top featured long puffer-style sleeves that met at a tight wrist cuff. And, the bottom of the top billowed around her midriff.

Danielle Busby had a huge smile on her face as she showed off her pearly white teeth for the camera. She paired the stunning top with a pair of snug denim pants that perfectly pulled the Autumn fit together.

Check out the photo of Danielle Busby rocking this shockingly revealing top below:



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The Instagram post was liked over 300 times by OutDaughtered fans. Unfortunately, only one popped into the comments. The fan noted that Danielle looked “cute.” The lack of comments was not uncommon for this account. Their Graeson Bee account only has 142K followers. Danielle Busby, on the other hand, has over 2M followers on her personal account.

Frequent Modeling

Scrolling through Graeson Bee’s Instagram profile, Danielle Busby has used herself as a model for a lot of new products recently. This included gorgeous royal blue satin pajamas two days ago. Furthermore, she also posed in a stunning corduroy jumpsuit recently as well.



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Bài viết do Graeson Bee Boutique (@graesonbee) chia sẻ

The profile has been pretty active the last two days as Danielle promotes products from their new Autumn line. The fans that have popped into the comments have had nothing but good things to say. Good things about the gorgeous clothing for the Fall Season.

What are your thoughts on Danielle Busby’s daring new Autumn fit? Do you think the top is too revealing? Or, do you want to buy one for yourself? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on the Busby family.

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