OutDaughtered: Danielle Makes Fun Of Adam’s Habit, Blames Him For Nuisance

OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby and her husband Adam have gained immense popularity for efficiently juggling between their personal and professional lives. They have often been admired for raising their six girls right. But fans have frequently observed brewing clashes between them.

Danielle often gets annoyed at her husband for one reason or the other. They also mock each other through frequent social media uploads and mostly it’s just for fun. Recently, the reality TV star threw a jab at Adam. What did he do? Read further to know more!

OutDaughtered: Danielle Calls Out Adam For His Actions!

Danielle Busby, like other reality TV celebs, receives delight in sharing her frequent life updates with fans. But her recent Instagram upload was slightly different. She shared a text post as her Instagram story to share the latest update. In the post, the Busby matriarch sarcastically disclosed that she is excited to ‘hop in bed!’

Then, Danielle shared that she could hear Adam snoring all the way to her bathroom, where she was brushing her teeth. She then asked, ‘Why?’ by adding a few emoticons to emphasize her situation. The OutDaughtered star continued throwing shade at her husband by sharing that she earlier misunderstood the snores coming from their family dog, Beaux.


Danielle then concluded by saying it was just her husband enjoying his ‘sound sleep.’ Followed by thanking him for she would not be able to sleep. The tone of her post clearly indicates that she was not fine with the situation. The degree of her anger is evident as she publicly called out her husband for arranging a sleepless night for her.

Her anger seems to have settled down, for she did not share any follow-up posts. It appears she might have managed to get a good night’s sleep, which greatly affected her mood. Neither did her husband, Adam, defend himself by responding to his wife publicly. They seem to have gotten past it.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Is An Inspiration For Her Daughters!

Danielle Busby’s love for fitness is common knowledge. She never missed a chance to show off her fit physique by pulling off handstands at various locations. Recently, three of her five daughters followed her path. The proud mom took to her Instagram earlier this week to share a series of pictures featuring three of her daughters pulling a handstand at the beach.



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