OutDaughtered: Danielle Says Hazel Is The Slowest Among All Her Kids!


Dannielle and Adam Busy are blessed with a pre-teen Blayke and eight-year-old quints, Ava, Hazel, Riley, Olivia, and Parker. All their daughters attract their fair share of drama and adventure in their paradise. Among all these little monsters from TLC’s OutDaughtered, Hazel Busby is their family’s quietest and most content member. Besides being an adorable kid, her mother also claimed her to be ‘always kind of been behind’ in contrast to her sisters. Read further to know why Danielle said so!

OutDaughtered: Adam Revealed That Hazel Took More Time To Learn Swimming!

The Busy family is back again on your TV with OutDaughtered Season 9. This season will unfold even more chaos and drama in their paradise. Among all this adventure yet to be unfolded, one thing will remain constant: Adam and Danielle’s efforts to make Hazel match the speed and progress of her sisters. Hazel being the sweetest quint is now common knowledge, besides her still continuing eye issue. She has nystagmus, which causes her eyes to move rapidly, perhaps resulting in most of her life’s problems.


OutDaughtered was on hiatus for almost two years, wherein Adam shared a vlog on their family YouTube channel, It’s A Buzz World. The vlog was shared on the Labour Day weekend when Adam took his girls to Lake Charles, Louisiana, to enjoy the water. Adam featured how his little redhead finally learned to swim in this video. Obviously, she was the last one to learn this new skill. Daddy Busby shared that all his girls except Hazel knew swimming. He added that she was being stubborn and stuck to her fear. Initially, Hazel could not swim without her floating aid. But within 15 mins of this, she was seen swimming on her own. Then Adam exclaimed with happiness that it was worth it as Hazel finally accomplished her goal.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Faced Other Challenges!

Besides taking extra time to learn swimming, Hazel was also the last one to learn other motor skills. In an earlier season of OutDaughtered, Danielle shared that Hazel always lagged behind her sisters while learning to walk. Danielle wanted her quints to enter pre-school together, but they were instructed that walking was a pre-requisite as it monitors the child’s safety. Later Adam said he wanted them all to be together as he wouldn’t prefer one of them to fall behind. Later in the same episode, Adam claimed that being unable to attend school was affecting Hazel socially. The next thing we could recall was her quick learning.

Another incident where Hazel was left behind was learning yet another first of her life- riding a bike. This was featured in the current airing season, wherein Hazel found it difficult to balance as she trembled and fell minutes after she started paddling. This delay in learning made Adam Busby believe that she was facing issues because of her eye condition. Danielle soon disagreed and advised him to not blame her eyesight but rather face it and find a quick fix. As per PEOPLE’s exclusive peak into Tuesday’s episode, Adam updated Danielle that Hazel’s bike riding was a work in progress. A lot about the quints and their progress is yet to be unveiled. So, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest OutDaughtered news!

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