‘OutDaughtered’ Is Adam Busby Blatantly Breaking The Law?

Adam Busby - YouTube

Is Adam Busby of TLC’s OutDaughtered blatantly breaking the law and broadcasting it on social media? Some fans of the reality TV family think that might be the cast. And, they’ve taken to Reddit to discuss it. What is it that Adam is doing that has fans thinking he’s breaking the law and not even trying to hide it? Keep reading for the details.

OutDaughtered: Is Adam Busby Blatantly Breaking The Law?

“Always on the phone while driving,” one frustrated OutDaughtered fan penned in the comments of a Reddit thread. The OP vented:

Adam loves to record on his phone while the kids are in the car rather than keeping his eyes on the road! Doesn’t matter if the car is going slow in the car pickup line either, it takes a split second for something bad to happen or a little kid to run out into the road and get hit. The lack of safety precautions they take around kids is insane. Wait til something bad happens to them, then the parents will finally learn.

Adam constantly defends himself and his wife against fans taking issues with their regard for safety while driving. He often argues they are within the low-speed streets of their neighborhood, they are in a parking lot, or they are in a pick-up line.

Adam Busby - OutDaughtered - YouTube
Adam Busby – OutDaughtered – YouTube

Fans, however, are fighting back and arguing that it shouldn’t matter. The OP of the thread notes it just takes a second for a bad thing to happen. And, they hate thinking a bad thing has to happen for Adam Busby to do better.

Is It Illegal To Use A Phone While Driving In Texas?

Per the FVF law firm, Adam Busby is definitely breaking the law by using his phone to vlog while driving in the state of Texas. The law firm explains that it has been illegal to use a phone or any other handheld device while driving since 2017.

In 2017, Texas lawmakers officially banned the use of handheld devices while driving. Under these laws, drivers cannot make phone calls, send or receive text messages, navigate the web, or use similar handheld devices while driving.”

Frustrated Fans Urge Adam Busby To Be Careful

There wasn’t a lot of love for Adam or his wife Danielle in the comments of this Reddit thread. One individual noted it was physically impossible for Adam to keep his eyes on the road while vlogging. Other fans chime in to add the only way he could be legally using his phone is if it was completely hands-free.

Adam Busby - YouTube
Adam Busby – YouTube

Do you think making videos while driving is dangerous? Should Adam Busby get in trouble? Is he breaking the law? Share your answers in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more Busby news.

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