OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Expresses Concern For Hazel, Thinks She Might Be In Trouble!

All the OutDaughtered fans know about the love-filled bond shared between Uncle Dale and Hazel. Fans immensely praise this wholesome duo, and they popularly call themselves Dazel. The former often looks for occasions to spend time with Hazel and her sisters. However, recently Dale Mills suspected his niece of being in trouble. He even suggested she blink twice to signal him if she needed help. Here is more about it!

OutDaughtered: Why Is Uncle Dale Worried About Hazel Busby?

Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki have had a special place in their hearts for the quints since they were mere babies. They have always showered these little munchkins with immense love and care, but their love for Hazel Busby tops it all. There have been numerous occasions wherein the couple, especially Dale, has shared a few pictures just with Hazel. Recently, the OutDaughtered castmate Aunt Kiki took onto her Instagram to share a picture posing with the little redhead. In this picture, they donned wide smiles while pressing their cheeks against each other. She also put up a caption on this picture teasing her husband, Dale Mills. Kiki claimed, “My Buddy Too Uncle Doofus,” with some sticking-out tongue emojis.



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Then Uncle Dale rushed to comments as he sensed his niece to be in trouble. He kept his humor alive as he suggested Hazel Blink Twice if she needed help to be rescued from Aunt Kiki. Numerous OutDaughtered fans could sense the goofiness in his comment, so they displayed their support by liking it. As per tvshowsace, many other fans shared their response in the comments section of this post. One of them stated that Hazel resembles her aunt Kiki. Another fan was in a dilemma if she supported Dazel or Cryazel, then she concluded by showing support for Dazel. Similarly, numerous others claimed this picture to be adorable.

OutDaughtered: Hazel & Uncle Dale’s Recent Reunion!

Uncle Dale and Hazel from TLC’s OutDaughtered recently reunited, and a glimpse from their meeting was shared with fans. The picture was shared by Dale from his birthday (family) dinner last month. This duo posed, donning wide smiles in a picture as Hazel seemed to be sitting on his favorite uncle’s lap. The latter was in complete birthday spirit as he rocked a happy birthday headband. Besides this picture, Adam Busby shared a few clips from this celebration on his Instagram stories. One of these featured Uncle Dale cutting his birthday cake

. Though all his loved ones were all around him, his favorite niece sat on his lap as he cut the cake for his 40th birthday.



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Both these glimpses reflected a perfect uncle-niece bonding. Numerous OutDaughtered fans admired the shots from the long-awaited #DAZEL reunion. One of the social media users politely demanded that Duo put up their montage from around the year. To this, Uncle Dale agreed and said that they could totally do this. Do you also adore the lovely bond shared between Uncle Dale, Aunt Kiki, and the Busby girls? Sound off in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest OutDaughtered tea!

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