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Breaking News: Matt Brown Shunned – Bear Brown Shamed for Treatment of Brother

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown - Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown looks like the forgotten brother as Bear Brown and his little sister Rain Brown offer memories of all their other siblings. For World Sibling Day this week, Rain Brown and Bear Brown remembered their brothers and sisters. That is except for Matt, it was like he never was in the family if you looked at their tributes.

Alaska Bush People: Bear Brown and Little Sister Rain Brown Toss Sibling Aside?

But when the Alaskan Bush People brother and sister left out Matt Brown, fans actually got angry. It seems Rain was smart enough to block comments but Bear left himself wide-open. Comments piled up reprimanding the already fragile Bear Brown for leaving his brother Matt missing from his list of siblings.

As the Alaskan Bush People followers know, Bear Brown is in a bitter battle with his baby son’s mother, Raiven Adams. So if anyone knows how painful it can be when you’re snubbed, that’s Bear Brown.

Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts want to know why Bear did this to his brother Matt Brown. Then fans reminded Bear that even if things aren’t going well between the siblings, you can’t erase Matt out of your life. No matter what – he’s still your brother, said several fans.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Rain Brown

Matt Brown Feeling the Sadness of the Forgotten Sibling

After Matt’s siblings forgot him on World Sibling Day, it appears Matt Brown noticed. He posted a screenprint of the Mario’s Brothers game. He also wrote that when times are hard that it is easy to be afraid, but you can always press “continue”. Then he said, “never give up and never surrender.”

Matt Brown had a talk with his father Billy Brown last year. It sounded as if Matt will join the family for the New Alaskan Bush People Season. But there’s no word yet if Billy Brown and his clan were granted another Alaskan Bush People gig. If there is one in the works it seems they’re keeping it under wraps.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown - Noah Brown - Gabe Brown - Bear Brown - Joshua Brown - SnowBird Brown


Alaskan Bush People: All Up In the Air?

During the last season of Alaskan Bush People, Billy Brown became ill and diagnosed with heart problems. He received a grim diagnosis and while he joined in around the ranch, he did tell his kids that he wasn’t expected to get any better.

Although he was willing to live life with this new normal for him, so he set out to do that. He also said he wanted to die on the ranch. Until then he plans to live his life to the fullest extent. While the Brown kids keep fans updated on their lives on social media, there’s no new update on Billy’s condition today.

Matt Brown was like the black sheep of the family for a while, he got in with some friends and took up drinking. His problems got out of control and after a few stays in rehab, he finally got clean and stayed clean. He celebrated a year of sobriety a while back.

But for World Siblings Day, Rain Brown shared some nice photos of her and her siblings, all except for Matt. She wrote, that her brothers keep her grounded at times when it matters the most. Then she said that when you you stub your toe on [her brothers] they hurt you. She included all her Alaskan Bush People siblings in the hashtags except for Matt Brown.

It’s not known why both Bear Brown and Rain Brown seemed to shun their brother, but Matt Brown still has a herd of fans who love him. Followers of the oldest son hopped online to wish him well. They also told him to keep his chin up.

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