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Days of Our Lives: Ava Redeems Herself, Brings Susan Back

Days of Our Lives loves keeping skeletons in the closet. Both, figuratively and literally! But today, we are talking about a long buried story that is now bursting to come out in the open! Harris getting himself committed to Bayview opened the doorways for a major blast from the past! He came face-to-face with Ava Viatle at the facility. The two soon became chummy, but he also witnessed the many meltdowns she has been having. However, it seems, that somewhere amid those meltdown is an explosive secret! The one about Susan Banks real fate! Keep reading to find out all about it!

Ava Recalls That Susan Is Actually ALIVE!

Previously, on Days of Our Lives, in a violent fit of rage, Ava had caused Susan’s supposed passing in an accident. On top of that, she even tried to blow up the venue of Susan’s memorial service.awq However, she later suffered a meltdown and was shipped off to Bayview. The story was then put on the back burner. But with Harris’ arrival at the facility, Ava, EJ and Susan’s story got anew lease of life. In a recent vision that Ava suffered, she remembered that Susan is actually alive.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Ava has visions of Susan

However, her claims about Susan’s survival were rejected by everyone at the facility as another one of her hallucinations. But something tells us that there could be some truth in her claims on Days of Our Lives. Especially since EJ too has been having disturbing dreams about his mother. While, the reality behind the dreams could be his subconscious telling him that his mother is alive. As of now, he is interpreting the dreams as a sign to seek vengeance on Ava.

Days of Our Lives:As EJ Hunts Ava, She VenturesTo Bring Susan Back Home

In the recent episodes of Days of Our Lives, EJ tried to task Xander Cook with the job of eliminating Ava from the canvas. However, Xander chose to decline the job. He has his hands, feet and head submerged in his own personal issues. But it looks like his refusal will do nothing to stop EJ. The latest DOOL spoilers reveal that EJ will contact a gun for hire to off Ava, as well as, Xander! The spoilers confirm that shots will get fired in Salem. Moreover, Ava and Xander’s life will be in danger.


DOOL/ Harris helps Ava

Furthermore, the spoilers hint that Ava and Harris will escape from Bayview and be on the run for their lives. Once out of the facility, maybe the pumping hormones will bring back more of Ava’s memories of the incident with Susan. If she recalls enough intel, Harris may help her in actually going a search mission for Susan. Ava has certainly recovered enough during her time in Bayview to know what she did with Susan was wrong. Moreover, with the morally sound Harris by her side, we can’t see why she wouldn’t try to find Susan!

But will Ava and Harris be able to bring back Susan and calm down EJ’s anger? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates on this!

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