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Days Of Our Lives: Megan’s BIG Parting Gift To Kristen

In the mystical world of Days of Our Lives one always has to be prepared to expect the unexpected. Everything could be moving steadily in one direction and then BOOM, plot twist! Something similar happened to Brady Black recently on the Peacock soap. His domestic life with his daughter, Rachel, was going just fine, comfortable and Stable. But hurricane Kristen blew over and left his home in shambles. However, something tells us, Kristen wasn’t alone in pulling off what just happened. There is a massive possibility that her dear sister, Megan, had a hand, and then some in it! Keep reading to find out all about it!

Kristen Gets Rachel’s Full Custody, Brady Is Devastated

Previously, on Days of Our Lives, when Kristen got out of prison, she became singularly focused on getting Rachel back in her life. She wanted Brady to amend the custody agreement and include new terms for co-parenting. However, Brady stood his ground and refused to give into Kristen’s wishes. But it seemed like she had luck on her side. Rachel sneaked out to go meet Kristen, and the two decided to let her hide at DiMera Mansion so the two of them could be closer. However, Brady really lost his temper and barged into Kristen’s home and pushed a gun in her face.

Days of Our LIves
DOOL/ Kristen gets Rachel’s custody

Causing a whole debacle with the police, Brady’s rash decision became his undoing on Days of Our Lives. When Brady and Kristen faced the court for Rachel’s custody battle, the scales somehow tilted in Kristen’s favor! The judge felt like Brady was incapable of providing stability to Rachel, in light of his recent arrest and the armed confrontation he had with Kristen, right in front of their daughter. The incident of Rachel’s kidnapping also was taken into consideration. In the end, the judge felt like Rachel needed to be with her mother, as she was acting out because she was being kept away. Thus, awarding Rachel’s full custody to Kristen. Much to Brady’s devastation, of course.

Did Megan Pull The Strings To Orchestrate The Hearing On Days of Our Lives

While, Brady felt like he has been hit by a train on Days of Our Lives. Kristen too was taken aback by the judge’s decision in her favor. After all, Kristen is no saint. Even if Brady had several misconducts piled against him, Kristen knows she has done worse things. But lucky for her, the judge wasn’t buying the “absurd” story of Kristen holding back orchids that could have saved three lives. But then the women died and came back to life. Well, when you put it that way in those words, it is a little hard to digest, even in a town like Salem!

However, we still can’t help but wonder if there is more to the tale than is meeting our eyes right now on Days of Our Lives. The hearing really was a landslide in Kristen’s favor. Could it have been rigged to be that way? We know it wouldn’t be the first time on Daytime. With little thinking and a lot of money, basically anything is possible! What if the judge was bought? But by whom? Kristen was clearly too shocked to have been the one to do it. What if it was Megan? Perhaps she put Dimitri up to it, or some other minion. Orchestrating it all from distance.

DOOL/ Did Megan pay the judge?

She did mess up with Kristen by kidnapping her and holding her hostage in the DiMera basement on Days of Our Lives. Hence, this could be some sort of a parting gift she left to smooth things over with Kristen. In hopes that she will have an ally whenever she returns to Salem for more revenge! What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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