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Days of Our Lives: Shelle Marriage Gets Even Messier, New Round Of Cheating Begins

Days of Our Lives loves playing with patch-ups, breaks-ups and hook-ups! And the recent episodes of the Peacock soap gave us all three full throttle! While former lovers Chanel and Johnny patched-up and rekindled their romance. Talia was left licking her wounds after being rejected by Chanel. On the other hand, Shawn Brady is still continuously proving that there is no such thing as the lowest point. Every time we think he has spiraled down to his lowest low, he shows us that he can still fall in the pit a little more. And in the latest round of it, he has crossed paths with Talia! Does that mean a new storm of disaster is building? Let’s find out!

Shawn and Belle’s Marriage Begins To Unravel

Even though Shawn and Belle are quite a loved couple on Days of Our Lives, their story has had their fair share of ups and down. Including, misunderstandings, betrayals, cheating, but also a lot of love and forgiveness. However, off late the two of them are really struggling in their relationship. Triggered by the guilt of putting Bo in a coma, and setting the wheels in motion for Victor’s death, Shawn is completely out of control. Moreover, his dependency on alcohol as a coping mechanism is doing him no favors personally, as well as, professionally.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Shawn and Belle argue

He and Belle have been constantly bickering over how he has handled himself in the recent past on Days of Our Lives. In fact, in on of the previous episodes, there conflict rose to an all time high. Shawn ripped into Belle for having cheated on him with EJ as her coping mechanism for handling problems. Their argument has escalated to a point where it seems like their marriage will come crashing down any point now. Moreover, his latest move with the most unexpected person might prove to be the blade that cuts the last string holding Shelle together.

Shawn’s Betrayal With Talia Destroys Marriage With Belle On Days of Our Lives

However, Shawn and Belle are not the only ones struggling with the matters of the heart on Days of Our Lives. Talia too, has just had her heart broken. She was hoping for a reconciliation with Chanel. However, the latter chose to rekindle a romance with Johnny DiMera instead! Thus, leaving Talia alone to pick up the broken pieces of her heart. But then would DOOL be DOOL, if an unexpected person did not come to her rescue? Hence, staying in theme, Talia bumped into Shawn and they decided to drown their sorrows in alcohol together! However, the party of two then soon became quite private and might we say, steamy?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Shawn and Talia hookup

In a completely unforeseeable twist, Shawn and Talia gave into temptation and hooked up on Days of Our Lives! While we have to agree that their chemistry was quite lit. But what would this mean for him and Belle? Will the flames of this heated betrayal burn Shawn and Belle’s marriage? Considering that every day we are inching closer to Belle (Martha Madison)’s exit from the soap, the answer could be yes. Moreover, there hasn’t been any news about Shawn (Brandon Beemer) exiting.

Thus, it is quite plausible that Belle will find out about Shawn cheating on her with Talia. In the aftermath, she may decide to leave Salem and start a fresh life somewhere new. Also giving Martha Madison a clean exit from the soap. But are you ready to see the end of Shawn and Belle? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates on this.

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