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Doctor Who Cosplay Recreates TARDIS Scene From 60th Anniversary Special

The Fourteenth Doctor's reaction to the new TARDIS is celebrated in new cosplay inspired by the Doctor Who's 60th-anniversary special, The Star Beast.

A Fourteenth Doctor cosplay recreates the moment that David Tennant’s new incarnation of the Time Lord and audiences caught their first glimpse at the new TARDIS control room in Doctor Who‘s 60th-anniversary. Alongside returning co-star Catherine Tate, Tennant leads three Doctor Who specials celebrating the sci-fi series’ major milestone released across November and December, beginning with “The Star Beast” on November 25. With the set of prior Doctor Jodie Whittaker’s TARDIS control room being dismantled shortly after “The Power of the Doctor” concluded, a new, expansive set was developed for Tennant.

Following the release of “The Star Beast”, cosplayer speedsterinthetardis has shared their own cosplay edit of the moment when the Fourteenth Doctor first entered the TARDIS towards the final moments of the episode on their Instagram account.



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Using screenshots of the control room in the episode, the cosplayer captures the wonder and joy that Tennant’s Doctor showed upon entering the new TARDIS, while also accurately recreating the Time Lord’s coat-less look from the scene. Speedsterinthetardis also shared their own review of the episode in their caption, joining other Doctor Who fans in praising “The Star Beast” in stating that the episode left them excited about the new era.

The Fourteenth Doctor’s New TARDIS Combines Many Elements Of Past Control Rooms

The TARDIS roundels light up orange in Doctor Who.

The Fourteenth Doctor’s new TARDIS is a far cry from the version of the control room that came before. The new design opted to go for a more mechanical, pristine aesthetic rather than the crystalline, lower-light version Whittaker piloted across her era. Instead, the Fourteenth and presumably Fifteenth Doctor’s TARDIS is more of a blend of Russell T Davies’ original Doctor Who tenure’s dome-like room with the control console and time rotor acting as a central pillar, but with the clean, white esthetics of both classic-era TARDIS control rooms and that of Jo Martin’s Fugitive Doctor’s TARDIS.

The new TARDIS control room set also takes inspiration from designs seen across Steven Moffat’s era with its multi-level approach, as previously seen with both Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s respective Doctor’s TARDIS’. While “The Christmas Invasion” alluded to lower levels of Davies’ first tenure TARDIS existing when Tennant’s Tenth Doctor assembled his outfit in the expansive wardrobe, the set used for the TARDIS didn’t allow for multi-level control rooms until larger spaces became available for Doctor Who season 5. As such, Tennant and Gatwa’s new TARDIS control room is a perfect combination of elements from each of the show’s most recognizable designs.

The Fourteenth Doctor’s joyous reaction to the new TARDIS is a moment audiences were able to share in, as after over a year of secrecy viewers were able to see the new console room for themselves as Doctor Who‘s first 60th-anniversary special aired. As such, speedsterinthetardis’ latest cosplay is a perfect tribute to the moment, as not only do they recreate Tennant’s performance, but share their own love for the scene. While Donna may have damaged the new TARDIS shortly after, it is clear the redecoration is liked by viewers worldwide.

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