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Doctor Who Producer Reveals Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who Era Will Revisit A 60th Anniversary Plot

Doctor Who producers Phil Collinson and Vicki Delow hint that Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor will revisit a plot point from the 60th anniversary specials.

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Doctor Who’s first 60th anniversary special, “The Star Beast”.

Doctor Who producers Phil Collinson and Vicki Delow hint that one plot point in the 60th anniversary specials will be revisited during Ncuti Gatwa’s stint as the Fifteenth Doctor. The first part of Doctor Who‘s 3-part special follows the story of the Meep (Miriam Gargoyles), an adorable but malevolent alien who crash lands on Earth and quickly tries to destroy the planet. Although the Fourteenth Doctor (David Tennant) foils the Meep’s plans, the creature leaves the Doctor with a cryptic warning about its “boss.” While theories about the mysterious boss have arisen, viewers may not get their answers during the specials.

During the commentary for “The Star Beast,” producers Collinson and Delow, along with Tennant, teased what they knew about the Meep’s boss in Doctor Who. While discussing the “cryptic line” about the boss, Collinson and Delow revealed that they knew who the Meep’s boss was. However, Tennant surprisingly claimed not to know what the boss line meant. This suggests the Meep’s boss may not be revealed during the anniversary specials. Check out their statements below:

Collinson: And now another cryptic line here.

Tennant: Do you now know what this means?

Delow: Yes.

Collinson: I do.

Tennant: Oh I don’t! Still cryptic to me.

Delow: You’ll get to find out with all the viewers.

Tennant: I know!

Collinson: Who’s the boss, David?

Tennant: Who’s the boss?

Collinson: Who’s the boss?

Delow: Cryptic

Who Is The Meep’s Boss?

Doctor Who's Beep The Meep Looking Evil in His Spaceship in the 60th-Anniversary Special

The conversation between Collinson, Delow, and Tennant may debunk the most prominent theory about the Meep’s boss in Doctor Who. The likeliest theory that has arisen about the Meep’s boss is that it is the Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris). After all, the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special promotions have been teasing the return of this classic and sinister villain. Hence, it’s easy to assume that the boss is just a tease of The Toymaker’s imminent arrival. However, the fact that Tennant allegedly doesn’t know who the boss is suggests that it won’t be revealed until after the specials, thus ruling out the Toymaker.

If the boss is being reserved for the Fifteenth Doctor, perhaps in Doctor Who season 14, this widens the possibilities for who it could be. Of course, the second theory that quickly comes to mind is the Master. Viewers are always on the lookout for the Doctor’s archenemy, who has a tendency to follow him across space and time. The last time viewers saw the Master (Sacha Dhawan), he seemingly perished on an imploding planet. However, the Master has had many false deaths before and always manages to return. Meanwhile, sending the Meep to Earth does align with the Master’s tactics.

There’s a chance that the boss could also be another powerful Time Lord. The Rani (Kate O’Mara) especially comes to mind due to her experimentation on various species. Another theory is that Doctor Who could bring the Eternals back. The Eternals’ reality-altering powers would explain why the Tenth Doctor’s (Tennant) face was brought back. The boss could even be a wholly new villain. A new Doctor and new villain would be a fitting way to ring in Gatwa’s era. Doctor Who‘s specials tease a powerful new villain, but it may actually be the Fifteenth Doctor’s fight rather than the Fourteen Doctor’s.

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