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Doctor Who’s “Wild Blue Yonder” Trailer: David Tennant’s Next Adventure Takes A Terrifying Turn In Episode 2

The Doctor and Donna's adventures take a scary turn, as the trailer for Doctor Who's second 60th-anniversary special, "Wild Blue Yonder" is released.

The Doctor and Donna Noble face unseen foes in a strange, terrifying realm as the first teaser for the second Doctor Who anniversary special, “Wild Blue Yonder,” is released. The episode is the second chapter of Doctor Who‘s three-part 60th-anniversary celebrations, which kicked off with “The Star Beast” on November 25. “Wild Blue Yonder” will be released on December 2 and sees the Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna (Catherine Tate) travel to a dangerous realm without the TARDIS’ aid.

Following The Doctor and Donna’s accidental liftoff in the close moments of “The Star Beast,” the official Doctor Who YouTube account has released a trailer for “Wild Blue Yonder.”

After a rough landing from Donna accidentally spilling coffee onto the new TARDIS console, she and the Doctor set out to explore their mechanical surroundings. However, as life forms are detected nearby and the Doctor and Donna are separated, an unseen foe leaves the pair terrified of what this new realm has in store.

Wild Blue Yonder Is One Of The Most Secretive Doctor Who Episodes Ever

Doctor Who 60th-Anniversary Catherine Tate and David Tennant as Donna Noble and the Fourteenth Doctor Wild Blue Yonder Poster

Out of Doctor Who‘s three 60th-anniversary specials, “Wild Blue Yonder” has been the episode that has been the most shrouded in mystery. The episode’s cast beyond Tate and Tennant have been kept a secret, save for a mysterious rusty robot that first appeared on the episode’s poster, while the episode was primarily filmed in studios. Producers Phil Collinson and Vicki Delow have teased that the episode is unlike any other story that had been seen before but helped set the tone of what audiences can expect from the show’s new era going into Ncuti Gatwa’s first Doctor Who season.

While other producers have been hush about the second episode, however, Davies has offered ominous teases about what the middle chapter of Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary has in store. When describing each of the episodes in a recent episode, the showrunner offered brief, cryptic summaries of each episode, with Davies describing “Wild Blue Yonder” as “darker” and “weird“. With the Doctor picking up life signs in what appears to be a strange mechanical realm in the new trailer, “Wild Blue Yonder” appears to be taking inspiration from movies, including Alien, in creating a tense and terrifying time that stands out among the franchise’s long history.

With little footage of “Wild Blue Yonder” making it into Doctor Who‘s 60th-anniversary trailers, there is little information about what the second adventure has in store. As such, with the Doctor and Donna separated and stranded in a strange new world with a TARDIS to bring them home, viewers are left wondering just what awaits them. While anniversary specials can offer the chance for familiar faces to aid the Doctor, the mysteries that “Wild Blue Yonder” holds are sure to leave audiences on edge.

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