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General Hospital

General Hospital Comings And Goings: [THIS] Star Kid Will Play TJ-Molly’s Surrogate!

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Molly and TJ’s world was rocked when they found out that Molly has a medical condition on General Hospital that severely limits her ability to produce viable eggs for pregnancy. Despite considering many doctors and treatments, they couldn’t find a way around her diagnosis. Eventually Molly’s sister, Kristina, offered them a chance at parenthood by proposing to be their surrogate. Although Molly was unsure of taking on Kristina as her surrogate. She did eventually become keen on the idea of surrogacy.

This brings us to an exciting comings & goings update on General Hospital. In the upcoming episodes, Molly and TJ will meet a young lady

as their potential surrogate. The latest spoilers tease that actress Lily Anne Harrison will play the role of Andrea Gates, the potential surrogate. Now, if her last name is ringing a bell, you are on the right path! She indeed has a family connection to someone on the cast! Lily is actually actor Gregory Harrison’s (Gregory Chase) daughter.


General Hosptal
GH/ Lily Anne Harrison

The young star recently spoke to Soap Opera Digest, and divulged how she scored that stint on General Hospital.  Lily Anne Harrison shared that she has been giving auditions for several roles in different projects for a while now. She admitted that she has actually auditioned for a much more “sinister” role on GH. However, she ended up bagging the role of Andrea. Although she didn’t reveal which role she auditioned for. But we have a feeling it could have been Betty, the notorious nanny!

Lily stated that she did not score the “sinister” role because General Hospital wanted to cast her as a much warmer character. And Andrea Gates is going to be exactly that! Interestingly, her storyline will not only have a present and future tale but also a proper back story. In fact she will have a really heart-touching family-related reason for choosing to become a surrogate. The spoilers tease that when TJ and Molly meet Andrea, the latter will explain her reasons of wanting to be a surrogate. This will give the couple a lot to think about. Their meeting will go very well and Molly and TJ will eventually decide to get Andrea on board.

GH/ Molly and TJ

However, that doesn’t mean everything will go without any bumps in the road. It is a soap opera, after all, and anything is possible. It will be really interesting to see what lies ahead for these three young guns! So, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on how Molly, TJ, and Andrea”s story progresses.

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