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General Hospital: It’s Time For The LAST GOODBYE

In a heartbreaking act of fate, the daytime industry lost a gem when General Hospital star, Jacklyn Zeman, passed away in May 2023. Her loved ones and fans have been mourning her loss ever since. Unfortunately, now we will have to brace ourselves to say another round of goodbyes, as it’s time for Jacklyn’s character, Bobbie, to bow out of GH. It is absolutely heart-wrenching to have to bid adieu to the iconic Bobbie Spencer. But witnessing her on-screen funeral/memorial will give fans an opportunity to say their farewell to Bobbie, as well as Jacklyn, as she takes over our screen one last time.

While it’s unequivocal that all the currently on-screen characters will be part of the funeral/memorial to pay their respects to Bobbie at General Hospital. Including her daughter, Carly. Additionally, this monumental juncture will also bring with it the opportunity to bring back some currently off-screen characters too. The speculations about Luke being alive never really faded. So in case, Luke Spencer really is alive, this might be the time for him to return to Port Charles. He may not want to miss the chance to say his last goodbye to his sister.

General Hospital
GH/ Bobbie and Luke

The Long Lost Son Returns To General Hospital

Apart from Luke, there is one more character on General Hospital who is overdue for an appearance. Bobbie’s son, Lucas. But hold on there for a second. It is impossible to think of Bobbie and not think of all drama her life was laced with. Bobbie was a woman of many shades and had lived her life through many phases. One of which included prostitution. What if there was a point in her life when she had another son that she had to give up? Moreover, what if he shows up at Bobbie’s memorial to pay his respects to his mother?

GH/ Bobbie and Lucas

Wouldn’t that be a perfect dramatic send-off to Bobbie on General Hospital? We can almost envision Jacklyn chuckling at the thought! But what could draw her long-lost son to town so suddenly? Perhaps in the later years of her life, Bobbie may have reached out to her son off the screen, and he may have turned down the offer to reconnect. However, he may have changed his mind later. Unfortunately, he got a few heartbeats too late on that decision. Thus, losing the chance to reconnect with his mom. But, well, at least he will get the opportunity to say farewell. Moreover, this will open the doors to so many new future storylines. Honest to god, Port Charles is running really thin on the Spencer bloodline.

What do you think? Would you like to see a new character enter the soap to carry forward Bobbie’s legacy in Port Charles? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates!

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