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General Hospital: Kristina & Willow Relive Shiloh’s Cult Horror

It is almost a given that soap characters lead a pretty dramatic life onscreen. However, Willow Tait on General Hospital has had an exceptionally hard one even by daytime standards! Living her life with a mother like Harmony, to being involved in a terrifying cult to battling the worst kind of cancer. She has done it all. But for today’s discussion, we are focusing on a nightmare that she shared with Kristina Davis Corinthos. Their time with the monster Shiloh Archer. And his Dawn of Day cult. Keep reading to find out why this page from history has become relevant all over again!

Kristina and Willow Have A Heart-To-Heart

The latest General Hospital spoilers tease that in the upcoming episodes, Kristina will pay Willow a visit to check up on her health. However, the two will not just stick to discussing Willow’s health. Their discussion will soon move on to a much darker topic. Kristina and Willow will reflect back on a history that will keep them connected forever. Although, it also is a history that they would prefer to forget. Unfortunately, that really isn’t a possibility.

General Hospital
GH/ Willow and Shiloh

Back in the day, Kristina and Willow both had their lives entwined with that of Shiloh Archer on General Hospital. For the unversed, Shiloh ran a cult by the name of Dawn of Day. He was a really handsome lad, but inside he was as rotten as hell! Thus, Kristina and Willow truly have a terrifying history with him. Although Willow eventually realized his truth and managed to break free from him. Moreover, she even went out of her way to convince Kristina to see the truth. Thus, the latter will forever remain grateful to Willow for helping her get away from Shiloh.

The Survivors Vow To Live Better Lives On General Hospital

When they discuss that dark chapter of their lives, both Kristina and Willow will realize how far they have come in their lives. They will be truly grateful to have been able to create their current reality on General Hospital. Kristina will take the opportunity to shine some light on all the work she is doing with the youth center. So that it can prove to be a much better and healthier alternative for struggling young adults than creepy cults. Because most cults play on the fact that these youngsters crave for a sense of belonging and then exploit the same.

General Hospital
GH/ Willow and Kristina talk

Furthermore, Kristina will also broach the topic of Willow’s relationship with Nina on General Hospital. The two may reflect that their current life is so precious and that they need to be grateful and make the most of what they have. Moreover, Willow may also have a realization that she, too, has made bad choices in the past but is a better person for it now. This may once more soften her towards Nina’s past mistakes. Thus, when Kristina puts in a good word for Nina, Willow might be more receptive of it. The two will eventually come to a conclusion that they will try to make their lives even better moving forward, So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on what happens next.

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