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General Hospital: Sonny and Nina Get Olivia On-Board As Wedding Planner

The latest episodes of General Hospital are giving us the eerie feeling that the makers are building Sonny and Nina’s relationship up to a crescendo. Only to bring it crashing down in one swift motion. Recently, the two of them have made some real progress in planning for their upcoming wedding. It felt like, for the first time in a long period, Nina put her fears away. But could that just be so she gets blindsided when tragedy actually strikes? But who will be the one to bring it all crashing down? Keep reading to find out!

Sonny and Nina Get Olivia On-Board As Wedding Planner

It really took the viewers by surprise when Sonny proposed marriage to Nina on General Hospital. The two have been together for a really long time and had enough occasions in the past that served as perfect moments for wedding proposals. But somehow, it never happened. It is intriguing that the makers chose this rather inopportune time (from Nina’s pov) for Sonny to pop the question. After all, she is hiding a deep dark secret from the dimpled don. Something that has the potential to blow up their relations to bits. So it makes total sense that Nina is living in constant fear. Despite the fact that Sonny keeps reassuring her of his love.

GH/ Nina and Sonny

Sonny has been trying to cheer Nina up by getting her involved in wedding preps on General Hospital. But up until recently, Nina had been showing no interest in doing so. However, in the latest episodes, Sonny finally got through to her, and they both made some very potent wedding decisions. The biggest one of them is, roping Olivia Quartermaine as their wedding planner! Oh! If playing with fire had a face! While Olivia doesn’t really know what Nina did, her husband does! Agreed, Ned currently has a memory block and believes himself to be Eddie. But for how long, really?

Olivia and Carly Team Up To DESTROY Nina On General Hospital

We have seen this go down way too many times on Daytimes to not hold it as a possibility! Ned might regain his memory in the snap of a finger as soon as the storyline requires! Honestly, his amnesia is just a way of buying time to build up to a climax. His memories could just come rushing back and he could tell Olivia that it was actually Nina who leaked the insider trading intel to SEC. The leak that cost Carly five million dollars in fines. Moreover, sent Drew to prison for three hard years. Oh! Saying Carly would be livid, is an abhorrent understatement. The August 9, 2023, episode did well to establish Carly and Olivia’s BFF history on General Hospital.

General Hospital
GH/ Carly and Olivia team up

Now that can’t be without purpose! All the dots seem to be connecting to create a massive fall for Nina. Once Olivia finds out the truth, she will tell Carly in a heartbeat. And given that Olivia is now on the inside of Sonny and Nina’s wedding, she could use her position to spell disaster. Olivia and Carly will perhaps team up to expose Nina in the worst possible manner at the altar. Not only humiliating her but also taking away any relationship she was hoping to have with Sonny and Willow. This story just got all the more interesting. So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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