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General Hospital: SHOCKING! Drew Become The Collateral Damage, Dies In The Sonny-Cyrus War

General Hospital is soaring high these days with some exceedingly intense and thrilling storylines. One of them is currently heating up behind the bars of Pentonville. Ever since Drew was incarcerated there, he has been in an uncomfortable spot, all thanks to Cyrus! However, now with Carly and Sonny tapping in to Drew for some help could land him in a further dangerous position. But what could CarSon want from him in prison? Moreover, if he fails, will he be able to survive the aftermath? Let’s find out!

Carly and Sonny Visit Drew In Prison

The recent episode of General Hospital saw Sonny and Carly arriving at Pentonville to meet Drew. This sudden visitation from his lover and her ex really caught him off guard and was enough for him to guess that this was no causal visit. Thus, he immediately agreed to meet Sonny and demanded to know what Sonny actually wanted from him. Not wasting time, the dimpled don opened up to the jailbird about the legal trouble that just transpired in his life.

General Hospital
GH/ Sonny and carly meet Drew

He told Drew that he had planted fake evidence through Betty for the feds to eat up on General Hospital. Furthermore, he pointed that whoever passed it on to the Feds is right there in Pentonville. Thus, Sonny needs Drew to spy for him and find out who is out to get him. Although initially reluctant, Drew finally agreed to help Sonny. But was it the wisest decision on his part? Especially considering that he already facing trouble from Cyrus. And little does he know that the man he is about to blow the covers from is none other than Cyrus!

Cyrus Goes On High Alert, Drew’s Life In REAL Danger On General Hospital

Sonny might be trying to play his cards right, but Cyrus is no novice either on General Hospital. He has a literal village working for him on General Hospital. In the previous episode, Cyrus met the crooked warden he had handed the evidence to. She ripped into him for giving her fake evidence. However, not one to be overpowered, Cyrus bellowed that he gave her what the lord put in his hands. Moreover, he reminded her that he had her promoted to the position. He then fumed that Mason has perhaps outlived his usefulness. Making us wonder if baldimort has limited breaths left on the soap!

GH/ Cyrus decides to up his game

However, that is one fear we can’t help but also have for Drew. Thanks to his upcoming spying stint, he is about to cross Cyrus in the worst possible manner on General Hospital. Moreover, the fact that Cyrus knows about the verbal exchange between Drew and Sonny won’t work in the ex- SEAL’s favor at all. Cyrus is playing a long game and it doesn’t look like it’s in his to-do list to become exposed to Sonny as the master-mind just yet.

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Thus, if Drew gets too close to blowing his cover, Cyrus might even go to the extent of claiming his life! What do you think? Has Drew really just signed off on a death warrant here? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on this war.

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