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General Hospital Spoilers For The Week of August 7-11, 2023: Cody Tries To Reach Sasha, Sonny & Nina Discuss Their Wedding

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week of August 7-11, 2023, reveal that the thrill, drama and danger will run high on the ABC soap in the upcoming episodes. For starters, Austin will feel anxious about Ava and Sonny’s new alliance. Meanwhile, Anna and Dante will reach a new theory, but it could all get derailed when another attempt is made at Anna. Similarly, Valentin too will land in a fight for survival in Chechnya. Over at Ferncliff, Cody and Brook Lynn will make a risky move. But will they succeed in their plans? Keep reading to find out!

Cody and Brook Lynn Attempt To Save Sasha, Olivia and Ned Reach An Impasse?

With every passing episode, Sam is getting more suspicious of Gladys’ behavior on General Hospital. Moreover, now Dante knows the whole story from Cody. So at some point, Sam and Dante can have a discussion about it. Meanwhile, Cody will try to get to Sasha at Firncliff. But he will face several roadblocks. Hence, he will seek Brook Lynn’s help in reaching Sasha. There might even be a point during the week of August 7-11, 2023, when the pair may attempt to break Sasha out of the facility for her own safety.

General Hospital
GH/ Will Cody be able to protect Sasha from Gladys

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Olivia will give Ned something to think over. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Olivia will also tell someone her decision. We wonder if this too, has something to do with Ned. Could she have finally reached a point where she doesn’t see a way moving forward with his Eddie Maine persona. Will the two finally pull the plug on their marriage? Meanwhile, Gregory and Tracy will clash once again, as Tracy will be convinced that his health is suffering. But he is not ready to open up about it yet.

General Hospital Spoilers: Trina Gets Through To Curtis, Sonny Pushes Forward In His Investigation

General Hospital spoilers reveal that during the week of August 7-11,2023, Jordan might try to convince Curtis to hold on to hope. However, he might reject her support. Curtis is really spiraling downwards in light of his paralysis. But there will finally be a breakthrough when Trina makes a bold move and approaches Curtis. The father and daughter will have a conversation that will finally give Curtis some hope to move forward even in his current circumstances.

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General Hospital
GH/ Trina gets through to Curtis

Meanwhile, Sonny will brainstorm with Brick in order to figure out how to deal with Mason. Moreover, who he is actually working for, a.k.a. the mystery lady boss. Later, Sonny will try to spend some sweet moments with Nina. He will have some wedding related discussions with her. However, she will seem preoccupied. Perhaps her mind will still be clouded by the fear of what will happen when her SEC secret comes to light. So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on what Nina does next.

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