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General Hospital Spoilers: Team Kristina or Team Molly – Everybody Loses with GH’s Trainwreck Surrogacy Story

General Hospital Spoilers: Team Kristina or Team Molly – Everybody Loses with GH’s Trainwreck Surrogacy Story

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that the show’s making some big mistakes when it comes to their latest surrogacy storyline. Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) and Molly Lansing-Davis (Brooke Anne Smith) are being pitted against each other, but viewers are the ones suffering the most!

Are you Team Kristina or Team Molly? Many of us are just rooting for all this to end since everybody loses with GH’s trainwreck surrogacy story.

For starters, the two main characters involved are both recasts, so it’s hard to even feel like we know them in scenes together.

The vibe is off and there’s just no fixing that.

Furthermore, it seems like Molly’s disdain for Kristina is unwarranted and coming out of nowhere.

It was cruel for Molly to have a family gathering to announce her surrogate decision and leave Kristina out of it.

Molly could’ve at least contacted Kristina beforehand to explain the situation instead of shutting her out and letting her get blindsided.

The show keeps having Molly act like Kristina has always been the center of attention – like her very existence steals the spotlight.

In reality, Kristina is the sister who’s often been forgotten and cast aside. It’s how Kristina was able to get lured into a cult!

Meanwhile, Molly is the overdramatic one who has to do things like enter a domestic partnership instead of just getting married.

It’s fine if that’s Molly’s choice, but she needs to stop pretending that she’s not the attention-seeking sister.

However, we can understand Molly’s concerns about the complications of using Kristina as a surrogate, especially since Kristina blurted out that Molly wouldn’t even be related to the baby if she used a stranger.

Kristina doesn’t have a firm grasp of Molly’s struggles and was rather insensitive, so it’s hard to fully support either side here.

That said, it seems like Molly’s doing more to stir up trouble – like asking Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) to be the baby’s godmother and setting up yet another way to snub Kristina.

Do you think the show should drop the surrogacy storyline or at least change course somehow?

Are you on Kristina’s side, Molly’s side or do you just want the story to end?

General Hospital spoilers say Molly and Kristina’s feud will continue for now, so stay tuned for updates on any other big news about the family drama.

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