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General Hospital Star Maurice Benard Discusses Suicide After Billy Miller’s Death

General Hospital Star Maurice Benard Discusses Suicide After Billy Miller's Death
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General Hospital star Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) has become known for his discussions of mental health. And turning to social media, the General Hospital star opened up about his response to his former co-star Billy Miller’s death amid bipolar depression.

Find out what Benard shared on Instagram. And learn what Miller’s mother revealed about her son’s sudden death. Get all the details below.

GH Star Maurice Benard Reacts To Billy Miller’s Struggles

Famed for his honest approach to mental health issues, General Hospital star Maurice Benard shared his thoughts on his former co-star Billy Miller’s struggles prior to his death. And the 60-year-old General Hospital star posted his views on Instagram. “Since the pandemic, I have been speaking out on suicide quite a lot,” noted Benard.

And the General Hospital actor admitted that at first, he felt “hesitant. I didn’t know how people would handle it. But it’s been very encouraging so I have not stopped talking about it! It’s really hard to understand mental illness unless you have experienced the depths of pain that comes with it.”

And in the wake of Miller’s struggles with bipolar depression, Benard admitted, “I feel like I could have done something about it, even though I probably couldn’t. I don’t know how to fix it,” he added. But he asked fans to help “figure it out. Because look — we only hear about the celebrities that commit suicide. We don’t hear about all the other people that you know, that I know. The only way that I know how to fix it by what I’m doing here. And that’s talking … bringing awareness.” 

GH Star Maurice Benard Urges Fans To Help Others

But Benard, who shared his own experiences with bipolar disorder in his memoir, Nothing General About It, also reached out to those struggling or who know others who might experience mental health problems. And he urged, “If you know anyone who is going through any kind of darkness, chaos, pain …Just know, all you can do is give them love, patience, understanding, and hopefully professional help if they agree.”

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But the General Hospital star sought to ease any guilt. “And unfortunately, if someone doesn’t want to be on this earth anymore, there’s only so much we can do. Just remember, it’s not your fault. Never blame yourself.”

And Benard then addressed his followers who might feel “in any kind of way like life is not worth living for, don’t think twice to talk to someone. Take it from the most fragile person in the world, you can get through it. And life has a way of rewarding you.”

Billy Miller’s Mother Discusses Her Son’s Struggles

The General Hospital star shared his thoughts after Miller died at age 43. And the actor’s mother, Patricia Miller, told Soap Opera Digest that her son “fought a long hard valiant battle with bipolar depression for years. He did everything he could to control the disease.” 

And Miller’s mother added, “He loved his family, his friends and his fans. But in the end the disease won the fight and he surrendered his life.” Billy starred with Benard on General Hospital for five years. And he portrayed two different characters, Jason Morgan and Drew Cain, from 2014 to 2019.

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