OutDaughtered: Adam Feeds His Daughters Ice-Cream For Breakfast While Danielle Was Away


Adam Busby has always been the fun parent. The OutDaughtered starlet often finds ways to bring a wide smile to her daughters’ faces. He even pulls the strings to fulfill the needs and demands of his princesses. Recently, a video surfaced on social media that featured him around his girls. The TLC celeb was seen feeding these monsters with their choice of treat. But Mama Busby might not like it. Continue reading to know what went down between Adam and Danielle!

OutDaughtered: Adam & Daughters Enjoy Breakfast For Ice-Cream When Danielle Was Away

Adam has his way of dealing with his daughters. This OutDaughtered star often tries to keep his six daughters, Blayke, Ava, Riley, Hazel, Parker, and Olivia, hooked to something or the other. Additionally, Daddy Busby leaves no chance to spend time and create memories with these little bundles of joy. Recently, the network and the show took onto their respective Instagram accounts to share a clip featuring the fun and enjoyment of Daddy Busby and his girls. The clip started with Adam Busby taking large bowls of ice cream out of their refrigerator. He named their flavors one after the other while handing them over to Busby girls. These flavors were mint chocolate, chocolate, followed by cookie-n-cream.


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Seconds later, all the little monsters were seen enjoying their favorite ice-creams and cotton candy. Soon, Blayke was seen opening a bottle of chocolate syrup as she asked who wanted it. The quints then called out and raised their hands one after the other. All of them donned a wide smile and an expression of delight as they licked their favorite ice cream. Soon, their dad declared it to be a ‘Fun Dad Thing,’ followed by asking how could someone have ice cream for breakfast. But Adam looked satisfied as he talked to the cameras stating that it is always better for him to get them involved in an activity whenever he is alone. He continued to explain that it prevents them from entering into any kind of trouble.

This upload amassed thousands of likes and fewer comments. One of the OutDaughtered fans commented that Danielle would not be impressed with the choice of meal. While several others declared Adam to be the ideal dad, others claimed that it is always difficult to impress Danielle.

OutDaughtered: Busbys Have Troubles Adjusting To New Family Dynamics

The earlier episodes of OutDaughtered season 9 featured various heated conversations between Mommy and Daddy Busby. The primary reason for most of these arguments was the changed roles and responsibilities. Earlier, Danielle used to stay at home to cater to the needs of her girls, but this mom has now often been seen busy with Graeson Bee Boutique. Now, Adam has to stay at home to be around the girls and fulfill their needs.


Though Adam usually finds ways to make things work, he seldom complains about it being overwhelming for him. Daddy Busby might take some time, but he will efficiently blend with his new roles. Do you enjoy Adam’s bonding and fun time with Busby girls? Write in the comment. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest OutDaughtered news!

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