OutDaughtered: Why The Busbys Took A Break & Why They’re Returning

Danielle and Adam Busby stepped away from the spotlight in 2021, but now their family is returning for an all-new season of OutDaughtered.

After taking a two-year hiatus, Danielle and Adam Busby recently announced that their family will be returning for an all-new season of Outdaughtered. The couple shared their lives onscreen with their daughter and quintuplets, but after filming wrapped in 2021, they decided to take a much-needed break. Now they have decided to step back into the spotlight to share their parenthood journey again.

Danielle and Adam from Outdaugthered gained attention in 2015 when they became parents to the first-ever all-female quintuplets born in the U.S. It was an unexpectedly wild ride for the couple as they learned to navigate caring for five newborns and their four-year-old daughter, Blayke. They juggled the demands of parenthood, careers, family, and marriage in front of the camera for eight seasons of OutDaughtered before taking a hiatus. The Busby family is finally back and excited to share their lives with the world again.

Danielle and Adam posted a video on their YouTube channel, It’s A Buzz World, to openly discuss why they felt the need to take a break from reality TV. The show had followed their lives since their five quintuplets, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker, came home from the hospital. The demands of filming, coupled with raising all six of their children, became a lot to handle, but a big reason they walked away from their successful reality show, OutDaughtered, was because of COVID and the way it affected everything.

In the video, Danielle explained how COVID affected everything for people. She said, “COVID took a big turn for how things are done, how do businesses work, how do people work at home, and how do you do things with your kids? So there was just a drastic change for not only everybody else but for us too, and we took time at that point to just reassess and say, ‘Okay, God, what’s in our future now?”

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The couple didn’t know what was ahead for OutDaughtered, but felt they needed to take a break to focus on their family. Danielle said it was a hard decision, but they knew it was the best thing they could do for their family because when COVID shut everything down, they took the opportunity to reconnect without having any other commitments or obligations. Adam also explained that the pandemic changed how the show was filmed, which played a role in their decision as well, and he said, “A typical season of this show would take three to five months tops, and through COVID, it took close to a year.”

The Busby Family Is All On The Same Page

The Busbys lean heavily on their faith, and their relationship with God keeps them grounded. Once the last season of OutDaughtered finished filming in 2021, they felt they were done, and they had no intention of returning to TV again. They explained they did a spiritual fast that opened their eyes to what God had called them to do next, and they had a lot of people in their lives that made it clear their story was making an impact. This is the moment they both realized their reality TV career wasn’t over, and they had a life-changing call with the show.

Now Danielle and Adam are executive producers on the show, which allows them to have more input and be more involved in the direction of OutDaughtered. They feel they have a new perspective and mindset when it comes to filming. Their main priority remains the same, which is to make sure that their children are happy and they have a fun experience sharing their lives with the world.

Danielle and Adam are excited about this new chapter of their lives and said the new season of OutDaughtered will look different compared to seasons past. The girls have all grown up so much since their last TV appearance, which will bring a new dynamic to the show. The couple is excited about all the support they have received over the years, and season 9 of

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