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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (September 25-29, 2023): Victor’s Will Spreads Shock, Chloe Uncovers A Secret

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (September 25-29, 2023): Victor’s Will Spreads Shock, Chloe Uncovers A Secret

During the week of September 25-29, 2023, Brady will handover the briefcase containing Victor’s will to Justin and Maggie. Once the duo open the case, they will be stunned by the contents of it. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that the words of the will have a drastic impact on Alex’s life. There is a possibility that Victor’s ultimate wishes were to see Alex taking over the Titan throne. But if that’s the case, then where would it leave Vivian? Surely, she won’t remain a silent spectator to it!

DOOL/ What will be the aftermath of Victor Kiriakis’ final wishes?

Elsewhere in Salem, Rex and Sarah will discuss their upcoming wedding on Days of Our Lives. However, she will struggle to remain on board with the plan, given her complicated feelings for Xander. It is quite certain that she still loves her ex-husband. During the conversation the duo might discuss something related to baby Victoria’s paternity. The spoilers tease that Chloe will end up overhearing the chat and might learn that Xander is the father of the baby. But what will she do with the info?

Ava and Harris Hit A Hurdle

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Ava and Harris will continue their search for Susan in London during the week of September 25-29, 2023. However, the duo will come across some major troubles on the way. This could tie in with Jada and Rafe being on their tail. It will be quite exciting to watch this cat and mouse chase. Although we hope that ultimately Rafe and Jada will decide to help Ava and Harris in their search for EJ’s mother.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Will Ava and Harris find Susan?

But will they really be able to find Susan, and reunite her with EJ? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates on Ava’s quest!

Vivian Flexes New-Found Power, Victor’s Real Will Emerges

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (September 18-29, 2023), reveal an exciting journey ahead! For starters, EJ will finally learn the stunning truth about his mother from Wendy. Meanwhile, Tripp will remain tight lipped about Ava. Elsewhere, Brady, Alex and Theresa will get their hands on some crucial documents regarding Victor. But what could those contain? Will they have an impact on whatever Vivian Alamain is planning to pull off? Meanwhile, Gwen too will make a plan with Kristen. The two women might scheme to steal all of Dimitri’s wealth for themselves! But will they suucceed?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (September 18-22, 2023): Wendy & Tripp Undergo Grilling, Vivian Steps Into Power

EJ is hell bent on eliminating Ava Vitali to avenge his mother’s death on Days of Our Lives. However, he has no clue that Susan is actually alive. During the week of September 18-22, 2023, he will catch Wendy trying to hack his phone, thus, he will demand some answers fro her. She will take the opportunity to tell him that his mother is still alive. Hence, he needs to back off and let Ava find Susan. Meanwhile, Tripp will also face a line of questioning from Rafe, about what he knows of Ava and Harris’ grand escape.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Wendy tells EJ the truth

Elsewhere in Salem, Vivian will let power get to her head. The spoilers tease that she will fire Maggie from the top spot from Titan. She might even try to snatch the seat for herself. This will obviously cause trouble for Chad too. Speaking of Chad, he may also have some other things to worry about. Perhaps he will find out that Stephanie is a little jealous about Theresa and Alex hitting it off. How will Chad react to it? Stay tuned to find out!

Alex, Brady and Theresa Make Some Discoveries, Shawn Cheats On Belle

Days of Our Lives spoilers for September 18-22,2023, reveal that Alex and Brady will find a very important letter at Victor’s house in Greece. It may contain some shocking information regarding his intentions or final wishes. Later in the week the two will unite with Theresa. She too, will get her hands on some extremely crucial documents. During a reunion with her father, Shane, he will hand her a briefcase containing Victor’s new will. What could the latest and last changes to his will be?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ What have the trio discovered exactly?

Meanwhile, Shawn will cross paths will Talia in Days of Our Lives. Unfortunately that path will lead him towards cheating on his wife. DOOL spoilers tease that Shawn and Talia will hook up in the upcoming episodes. Moreover, the betrayal will not remain hidden for too long. So we wonder how Belle will react to it. Jada, however, will be extremely disappointed in her younger sister. We wonder if this tryst between Shawn and Talia will be the end of his marriage with Belle.

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