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Counting Down to Their Baby’s Arrival, Luana Lucci Hails General Hospital’s Chad Duell as the Perfect Partner — Here’s Why


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Even before the stork has paid them a visit, General Hospital leading man Chad Duell has been stepping up in a big way. “Counting down the days at 38 weeks pregnant, and I’m seriously amazed by how awesome my partner is,” Instagrammed Luana Lucci on August 18. “Right from the start of this pregnancy ride, he’s been the rock that keeps us steady. Figuring out bills, arranging painters and movers, and totally owning those surprise plumbing challenges — he’s tackled everything like a champ.


“But it’s not just about the practical stuff,” she added. “Through all the ups and downs, he’s been my unwavering support in every possible way.”



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Lucci went on to describe the Emmy winner as the rightest of Mr. Rights. “His strength and commitment go beyond us becoming parents — he’s been a huge motivator for my dreams,” she said. “Cheering me on to chase after my studies and fueling my drive to start my own business, his support is beyond words.

“As we stand on the edge of this new chapter with our little guy on the way, I’m filled with gratitude for his endless love and backing,” she continued. “In just a few weeks, he’ll be diving into fatherhood, and I’m excited to see that same passion and dedication he’s put into everything else. With the finish line in sight, I’m feeling so appreciative and amped for all the amazing moments ahead.”

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