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Days of Our Lives Comings And Goings: Kim Coles Signs Off As Salem’s Crazy Cat Lady

Nurse Whitley Blew Over Salem as a breath really hot and messy air on Days of Our Lives! She kidnapped an ailing and amnesiac Abe, and kept him hostage for an extended period of time. Not only did she dupe, manipulate and gaslight the Mayor. She also drugged him, and then tried to kill Lani, him and herself. Just in a bid to not be caught and to not let go of the delusional life she was trying to create.

However, like all good things, bad things must also come to an end! And so has Whitley’s cat litter, er, terror, we mean. The phenomenal Kim Coles has wrapped up her stint as nurse Whitley on Days of Our Lives. And as per sources, she will not be returning for a repeat performance. Her exit storyline had her being arrested and hauled off for treatment, As she suffered yet another meltdown. Interestingly, Marlena had opened up about how Nurse Whitley was actually her former patient. Who suffered severe mental disorders after losing her husband. Perhaps that’s the hole in her life she was trying to fill with Abe.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Kim Coles as Nurse Whitley

Kim Cole Raves About Jim Reynolds From Days of Our Lives

In a chat with Soap Opera Digest, Kim Coles admitted that she was initially very nervous about doing Days of Our Lives. Since she had never acted in a drama before. However, the nervousness soon subsided and she felt rather at ease on the sets. She gave actor Jim Reynold a shoutout for being “the most lovely, wonderful partner to play with.” Kim divulged that he taught her the ropes, and allowed her to make the character her own. ” I wanna give him the biggest hug. He’s the best, ” she gushed.

Well, we have to admit that Jim did an excellent job at showing her the ropes, because Kim absolutely nailed the part of Whitley. Thus, it is a real bummer that she won’t be returning to pull another stunt as the deranged nurse on Days of Our Lives. However, our time as soap lovers has taught us to never say never on daytime! After all, it isn’t like the makers killed off Whitley. In fact, she has just been shipped off to Bayview! And we know that facility is very often visited and revisited.

DOOL/ Abe, Whitley and her cats

We just saw Harris bump into Ava and Eve there! Thus, there is always a chance that Kim Coles could revive Whitley. And if that happens, we will be totally onboard with it! What about you? Tell us in the comments. Until then, we hope Whitley gets the treatment she so desperately needs! Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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