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Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (August 7-18, 2023): Unexpected Marriage Proposals, Victor Kiriakis Passes Away

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (August 7-18, 2023), reveal that the wedding season in Salem has not come to a close with Stefan-Gabi and Dimitri-Gwen’s wedding. Many more rings will be popped in the upcoming episodes. But how many of those couple will actually tie the knot? Meanwhile, Victor will jet off to see Bo Brady. However, his plane will never land. The residents of Salem are in for a rather grim news. Keep reading to find out how they react to the shattering update.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (August 7-11,2023): Wedding Season On DOOL Continues, Ava Meets Harris

Xander and Chloe started off their relationship as platonic roommates on Days of Our Lives. However, the two have really come a long way in the romance department in a very short time. During the week of August 7-11, 2023, Xander will propose to Chloe with a ring. But Chloe will be unsure as it might be too soon to get married. Will Xander be able to convince her? At the DiMera Mansion, EJ will once again propose to Nicole, but this time with a ring and of course, the right reason.

Hence, she may answer in affirmative. Elsewhere in Salem, Eric too, will make a much more pleasing proposal this time to Sloan. So she will be really happy to accept. Meanwhile in Chicago, Rex might propose marriage to Sarah, as a means to counter Xander whenever he finds out about her pregnancy. Do you think Sarah will accept?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ EJ proposes Nicole

Over at Bayview, Ava will come face-to-face with Harris on Days of Our Lives. Although, the two have never met before, she will believe otherwise and act violently towards him. Things will get really out of hand and she will need to be sedated. However, later on Ava will calm down enough to know that Harris isn’t whoever she was assuming or rather hallucinating to be. Thus, she might reach over to him to apologize. Whatever she tells him will work because the spoilers reveal that Ava and Harris will actually start bonding after the incident.

Johnny and Chanel Bond, Stephanie and Chad Clash

Days of Our Lives spoilers spill that Salem’s acting Mayor, Clint Rawlings, will continue to act with an iron fist. He will perhaps give Chanel Dupree another warning about closing down Sweet Bits if even one more incident takes place. It’s as if he is looking for an excuse to put a lock on that door. This will leave Chanel really upset. Thankfully, Johnny DiMera, will stand by her side and give her a pep talk. DOOL spoilers also tease that in one of the upcoming episodes, Johnny will make a confession to Chanel. Do you think he will tell her that he never actually stopped loving her?

DOOL/ Chanel and Johnny talk

Meanwhile, Stephanie will bring Yuri back in town in hopes of an important business meeting on Days of Our Lives. However, in the process she will learn a shocking news that will make her feel betrayed. During the week of August 7-11, 2023, Stephanie will find out that Chad blindsided her by secretly warning Alex to steer clear of her. This move will not go down well with Stephanie and she will explode at Chad in anger. The spoilers also reveal that in a fit of rage Stephanie might splash the contents of her glass on Chad.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers( August 14-18, 2023): Justin Delivers Grim News About Victor, Philip Returns

During the week of August 14-18, 2023, Victor Kiriakis will jet off from Salem to go see Bo. Unfortunately, things will go awry when the Titan jet goes missing. Justin will soon relay news to all loved ones that Victor’s plane has actually crashed. Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm that Victor will not survive the crash. Thus, the news will hit Salem with a wave of despair. Shawn will once again spiral downwards feeling responsible for the tragedy. After all, Victor was going to see Bo, who was put in a coma by Shawn.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Victor’s death shakes Salem

Xander too, will feel shattered by the news, as he was hoping to make amends with Victor once he returned from his trip. Unfortunately, Xander will never get the opportunity to make peace with Victor on Days of Our Lives. Furthermore, the spoilers reveal that Kate will receive two shocking news updates. One will certainly be about Victor’s fate. The second might have something to do with her son. We know, Philip is all set to be released from his medical facility. Perhaps he will come back to Salem to pay his respects to Victor.

Abe Tries To Take Back His Mayor Position, Dimitri Struggles With Gwen

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that during the week of August 14-18, 2023, Abe will try to take back his position as Mayor of Salem. However, it will not be an easy task and he will run into a road block. Abe is still struggling with amnesia and hence he might not be in a place to get back to work. However, Paulina will do her best to support Abe. Moreover, the two of them will make a plan to help Chanel in keeping the door of Sweet Bits open, despite Clint’s warnings.

DOOL/ Abe tries to get back his Mayor position

Meanwhile, Dimitri and Gwen will run into some obstacles of their own during their honeymoon on Days of Our Lives. It’s obvious that Dimitri married Gwen only for his inheritance. In reality, his heart lies with Leo Stark. In the upcoming episodes, Leo too, will find it difficult to stay away from Dimitri, thus, he will end up crashing their honeymoon. This might lead to Gwen making some shocking discovery. Will she finally find out that Leo and Dimitri are actually lovers? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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