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General Hospital Comings and Goings: Charlotte Returns With A Bang!

A new actor was again seen on General Hospital. Viewers saw a little actress who played Charlotte Falconeri on the July 28 episode. Of course, her character was portrayed by a few child artists, but this one is special. Wondering why? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to know who made her appearance as Charlotte on the latest episode.

Scarlett Fernandez Back To The Roots!

Have you seen the new kid on General Hospital? Technically, the new Charlotte is not new but the old one. Yes, Scarlett Fernandez reprised her role after leaving the soap in December 2021. First, Scarlett entered as Lulu and Valentin’s daughter in 2016. But later, when she exited in 2021, the role of Charlotte was recast with Amelie McClain. The recast didn’t end there, in April 2023, Ana Sofia Bianchi stepped into the shoes of Charlotte for one episode. Then actor who portrayed Charlotte for a long period was Scarlett Fernandez.

General Hospital
GH/ Scarlett Fernandez

However, on July 28th episode, Charlotte made her entry with her dad, Dante. He took her to the hospital to meet her mom, Lulu, who has been in a coma since December 2020. Charlotte got emotional and ran to her mom. She updated Lulu about all the latest events in her life and asked her to return to them. Later in that episode, Charlotte felt sad and told Dante that their house is empty and someone should live there.

General Hospital: Will Charlotte Play A Big Role In Ruining Dante And Sam’s Relationship?

You must have seen Scarlett in a few series and movies apart from General Hospital. The little actress also appeared in Jane The Virgin, Shameless, Lethal Weapon, and American Horror Story. And to GH fans’ surprise, she appeared in CGI form as Young Kiri in James Cameron’s epic – Avatar: The Way of Water. Everyone who knows her as Charlotte would have been excited watching the actress on the large screen!

GH/ Charlotte

As Charlotte suggested to Dante that someone should live in his old house, Dante might bring Sam into his house. This storyline would create spicy drama for the viewers as the writers may bring Lulu back! She might come home only to realize Dante and Sam’s relationship. Yes, that episode would make GH the most exciting soap to watch. Also, Charlotte could get some center stage in the plot. However, we welcome Scarlett back to her roots! Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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