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General Hospital: Surprise Surprise! Another Character Comes Back From The Dead!

General Hospital just loves bringing back past characters as little unexpected bombshells for the fans! And honestly, we are not complaining! A soap that has been on for decades and airs five times a week, surely does need a little shake up every now and then with such surprise visits! Especially when it is with a character we have been least expecting to pop back up on the screen! If you haven’t already guessed it, we are talking about Harmony! Actress Inga Cadranel recently revived Willow’s dead mother for a surprise visit and we are just excited as you.

Those who tuned into the previous episode of General Hospital, witnessed Willow dreaming about her mother yet again. However, this time round, Harmony appeared to Willow with a dire warning. We wonder what new trouble is coming Willow’s way now! But that’s a discussion for another day! For now, let’s remained focused on dear old dead Harmony. She first appeared on the ABC soap as Willow’s mother and also part of the Dawn of Day cult storyline.

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However, Inga’s stint as Harmony came to a tragic end when the character died in an accident on General Hospital in May, 2022. Although we did see her pop back on the screen again in 2023, when Willow almost died during childbirth. Mommy dearest appeared in her visions and tried to welcome her into the light, leading to the “other side”. But Willow survived and Harmony faded away. So it was certainly a surprise when she once again appeared in Willow’s dreams in the September 29, 2023, episode.

Now, it seems we are not the only ones to be surprised. Her General Hospital co-stars were equally surprised and also thrilled to see her on the sets. “I love Ingaaaa!!!!” Katelyn MacMullen (Willow) excitedly wrote on social media. Cameron Mathison (Drew) too, chimed in by writing, “Great to see you at the studio.” As for Inga Cadranel’s own opinion about being back on GH, well it’s quite hilarious actually! Te actress announced on Instagram that she appeared on the previous GH episode. Alongside that, she also posted a before and after photo of her look on the sets!



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“When I show up on any set I’ve ever worked on someone always thinks I’m crew,” she joked. But going by the comfy overalls, and the side braid she was sporting, we can understand why someone would confuse her to be crew! Other than that Inga also enthused that she is always happy to slip back into Harmony’s character, as well as, her pretty dresses!

Did you enjoy watching her on the screen again? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates and Comings & Goings.

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